Basic Course

Two months

Cost on Request

Understanding Photography (What is photography)

Lenses types and uses

Basic Camera Settings

What is White Balance and uses

Why White Balance is Important

ISO/ Film Speed and uses

What is Aperture and its uses

What is Shutter Speed and uses

Understanding Exposure

Focusing - Manual & Auto-Focusing Right Technique

Natural Day Light Shooting

Types of Photography Lights

What is continuous and Flash Lights

What is Continuous and Flash Light and uses

How to shoot people Outdoor and Indoor

Photography Tour in Delhi ( Day and Evening)

Doubt Solving Session

Q/A Round



Three months

Cost on Request

Introduction of Photography and Branches

Understanding Digital Camera and Formats

Types of Lenses

Creative Use of Lenses

Understanding Creative Shooting Modes in Camera

Importance of White balance

Creative uses of ISO for professionals

Creative uses of Apperture for Professionals

Creative uses of Shutter Speed for Professionals

Understanding Exposure

Relation between Shutter Speed, ISO and Aperture

Understanding F Stops

What is Light and there types

Understanding Studio Lighting

How to use Strobes in Studio

How to use Light Modifiers,

Creating Mood Lights

Understanding Natural Lights

How to use Strobes in Outdoor Day Lighting

Understanding Natural and Artificial Light

How to use Reflector in Outdoor and Indoor

Creating Reflection Lights

Composition and Types

On site shooting Workshop

Wedding Photography Methods & Tricks

Clients Handling

Couple Poses and Light Tricks

Understanding Rules and Composition

Understanding Breaking Rules of Composition

What is Focus

Creative use of Death of Field

Creative Portrait Lighting Indoor and Outdoor

High Fashion Photography

High Fashion Photoshoot with Model

Portfolio Shoot

Table Top/ Product Photography

Food Photography

Studio Portrait Photography

Introduction of Model Make up/ Hair

Introduction of Portfolio/ Hi Fashion Wardrobe

Introduction of Pre Wedding/ Candid Wedding Photography

Photography Props

Street and People Photography

Grooming Visualization

How to Setup and Professional Studio

Everyday talk on work, Q/A Session