Things to check before selecting your Wedding Photographer

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Deliverables: Well this is the thing which we do not focus much on but these are crucially important. While making a deal with your photographer always check up all the deliveries you are getting from them. Get it from your photographer in a written form or their letter head about what all are in the package you are booking.


Real Samples: You might get impressed with their collection of photos but the real deal is checking the real work done by their team. While selecting a photographer do check their real work done by them. Have a look at their real album which they deliver their clients. That will help you to know what you are actually going to receive.

The Team Size: ALWAYS ask how big their team is so that you can know how to prepare their stay. Knowing how big the team size is helps you with lot of things. It would give you a heads up on their conveyance charges and staying area toarrange in advance or ask if their stay and transportation is included in the fees you are paying.

The Delivery Date:

Do not forget to ask your photographer when they will give you all your dream photographs. You would not want to wait in the suspense we know. It is always better to know in advance the date by when you will get all your videos and photographs.

Apart from all the above mentioned really important checklist there are few others points to keep in mind as well such as;

How long are the video of the ceremonies going to be?

What is their refund policy?

What equipments they are going to use?

And most importantly do they have any other commitments on your D Day.

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