"Moments can't be Recreated.

It can only be Revisited"

W H Y M U T O ' S ?

We are always ready to find and capture your best moments.

Photography, well in this present competitive world, it matters how different you are from others. Muto’s was a thought started in 2008 and it took 9 more years to turn it to real after a long understanding and training in film making and Event management.

Our founder Tushar Mutreja and Ravi Ranjan trained with best photography skills believes that to get into Candid Photography we also need to understand event management, and so they learnt Event Management as well.

After covering many events and doing photography for many production companies, they decided to give life to their idea. They formed a team with experienced photographers who are equally trained and equally skilled in all cinematic skills and handed them a camera to be ready to find and capture their client’s best moments.

" We are not just another studio.

We make art "


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